7 Ways To Boost Your Hemp SEO Plan By Increasing User Engagement on CBD Websites

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Did you know that simple website tweaks can help increase the amount of user engagement on your site, which in turn improves your hemp SEO plan and your search engine rankings? Here are 7 ways to boost your hemp SEO marketing plan while increasing the time spent on your online store.

Hemp SEO Plan: How To Improve Your Website Engagement & Search Rankings

As an SEO professional since 2014, I completely understand how important user experience, and more importantly, user engagement is to CBD websites. User engagement will help improve your website’s hemp SEO strategy.

If you are lucky enough to have your CBD website ranking for profitable keywords, and your site visitors from organic search aren’t taking any action on your website, in some form, chances are your CBD search rankings will drop.

It sucks but the fact is that the main goals for Google and Bing search engines are to provide the searcher with links to the best answers to their questions.

The fact is if Google’s has determined that another CBD website is more authoritative and relevant to a users search query that your site, they’ll replace your link/listing with one that gives users what they need.

If your hemp CBD company is selling hemp products but you’re not ranking on page 1 for relevant hemp CBD search results, or site visitors aren’t taking any action while on your website, we’re going to show you how to change all that for the better.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 ways to increase user engagement on your hemp CBD website, which will improve your website’s hemp SEO.

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What Is User Engagement on CBD Websites?

Before we can discuss how to boost your site’s hemp SEO strategy by improving the user engagement on your website, let’s define exactly what user engagement is when it comes to your hemp CBD website.

To keep things simple, we’ll define it as such: user engagement is any way in which a visitor to any of your digital properties takes action on these platforms, as opposed to browsing passively, or exiting immediately, to find a better source of information.

3 Unique Types of User Engagement Related to Hemp SEO

There are essentially 3 types of engagement a potential CBD customer can take on your e-commerce website.

Some SEO pros may say there’s more, but we’re focusing on the 3 points of user engagement that mean the most when it comes to improving your website’s hemp SEO plan.

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1. Actions on Your Website: Click-Through Rate (CTR)

There are 2-sides of your website’s click-through rate. Note, you can find your click-through rate on your CBD website by viewing your site’s Google Analytics.

Side 1 is the click-through rate to your website from organic search results. If your hemp SEO is implemented correctly, you should be showing up on page one for search queries related to “buy hemp cbd oil online”, “buy hemp oil near me”, etc.

If you’re on page 1, you’re going to have a much higher CTR from organic search results showing that your hemp SEO strategy is on point!

Side 2 of CTR is the actual CTR for users when they are browsing your CBD hemp website. We’ll discuss both below.

Improving CTR requires optimal SEO best practices to show up on the first page of SERPs and gives searchers the content and answers they’re looking for. This requires a solid, SEO optimized blog content writing strategy.

Along with a relevant blog content strategy to get your blog articles ranking on page 1 for hemp oil-related keywords, you also need to focus on your SEO copywriting, blog titles, and blog meta descriptions, which all encourage potential CBD customers to click through to your site.

If all this sounds like CBD SEO stuff and you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with user engagement, remember, before users can engage with the content on your website, they need to find and get to your website in search engines.

Once potential hemp CBD customers land on your site, you can improve the click-through rate for these shoppers by including enticing copywriting, engaging content (blogs and educational videos), and visual navigation elements.

This will typically lead to users clicking through and consuming various pieces of content on your website, or browsing your online store looking at your CBD hemp products.

The more time that each user spends on your website, taking actions like watching videos and clicking through articles and looking at products, the better your hemp SEO rankings and website traffic will be.

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2. Actions Off of Your Website

Interestingly enough, user engagement can happen off of your hemp website and on other online sources. Not all user engagement happens on your site.

Some examples of user engagement that takes place off of your site but still can improve your site’s hemp SEO include:

  • Linking to the hemp content on your website.
  • Driving more qualified traffic to your site.
  • Sharing your SEO optimized hemp content on platforms that increase your reach.
  • Encouraging users to engage in different ways.

A practical example of the above can be inbound link building for hemp SEO. Backlinks have always been an SEO ranking factor and this is especially true for hemp SEO.

If someone read your hemp related content and felt it was authoritative enough to use it as a source for the blog article they’re writing about hemp products, that backlink would add some authority, relevance, and trust to your website, and therefore help your help SEO.

If potential hemp CBD customers find your site by clicking on a link to a relevant hemp blog article published on your site, and they find it valuable and “share-worthy”, they could share it via their social media platforms.

While social media shares aren’t an actual ranking factor that directly affects a hemp SEO strategy, they certainly help to drive more traffic to your site, encourage more visits from potential CBD customers, who may also share your content, and may even purchase from your online store.

Bottom line is that sharing, liking, commenting, and subscribing are all versions of CBD user engagement that occur on third-party sites – and can benefit the overall digital presence and your hemp SEO marketing.

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3. User Dwell Time

Dwell time has been defined by Duane Forrester as the length of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they’ve clicked a link from organic search listings, but before clicking back to the original search results.

This is similar to what we discussed above in terms of how important it is for users to spend a significant amount of time on your website – i.e. 0:45 – 3:00+.

It turns out that when it comes to hemp SEO or any SEO for that matter, dwell time is an inherent measurement that helps Google determine if a searcher’s needs were met from the website content provided by their search results.

Essentially, it works like this: people will enter a query into a search engine, click through to a top result, and stay on the hemp CBD website that best satisfies their given need.

You can check the effectiveness of your hemp SEO and your hemp blog content strategy by checking out the dwell time – or more accurately – the average time spent on your website per visit by checking your Google Analytics data.

If you need help navigating through your hemp CBD website’s Google Analytics data, we can help you make sense of it all. Please contact us and ask about our SEO Audit and UX Analytics services.

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7 Hemp SEO Tactics To Increase User Engagement


1. Super Fast Site Speed Responsive On All Devices

“If your landing page is too slow, almost half your potential visitors admit they’re less likely to make a purchase, and about 25% will go find a competitor with a faster site.” according to an Unbounce study.

People will stay on your site longer and are more willing to search around for what they need when they don’t feel like they’re wasting time waiting for pages to load (on any device – not just a smartphone).

2. Implement Fixes on All Basic Technical Hemp SEO Errors

There is nothing worse than a disruptive user experience for any online shopper. Think of yourself and your experience with online shopping. Unexpected technical issues can cause you, or a potential shopper on your site, to abandon cart and make a purchase elsewhere.

Here’s a personal example that happened to me just last week while doing research on a client’s competitors. I needed to source certain info, I conducted a Google search and found a link to a site that I felt would have the best answer to my question.

I clicked on the link and guess what…yup, it was broken and showed a “404 error”. You know, the dreaded page that appears when a web page can’t be found you see “404 not found”!

I figured I’d still be able to find it, being an experienced SEO. But I was wrong. The site actually deleted the content I was looking for and didn’t bother to redirect the URL to updated content. What a waste of a page 1 search ranking result!

To get the answer I needed, I ended up going back to the original search results and clicking around using the other links until I found what I needed.

The lesson to learn here is this is a great example of lost traffic, a potential lost sale if I was a CBD customer looking to buy hemp oil, and it’s also a huge loss of ROI.

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3. People Love Options. Give Them Different Ways to Consume Your Hemp Content

Some people are much more visual than others. They prefer to read less and navigate website’s by looking at images with limited text, and very rarely use the main menu/text navigation.

Other people can be the exact opposite. They prefer words and like to read online. Whereas others will never want to read online and prefer to consume content in video format.

These are factors you need to think about when producing your SEO optimized hemp content.

Some examples of giving users different options to engage with your website content include:

  • Blog articles written with an informal, informational, and conversational tone.
  • Informational & educational videos with text transcribed.
  • Infographics are always popular and an easy way to consume informational stats or product comparisons.

The key to a solid hemp SEO and user engagement strategy is to mix up your content types and measure the KPIs to see which types of content work best for hemp SEO rankings and website user engagement.

4. Optimize Your Site’s Internal Link Structure & Suggested Posts

Would you agree that part of your hemp SEO implementation should include user engagement tactics such as helping people find the content on your site that they came looking for?

One of the best ways to do this is actually part of our overall hemp SEO services and revolves around optimizing your website’s internal linking strategy.

A super easy example comes with the hemp topics you write about regularly as part of your hemp SEO plan. It’s as simple as this:

Every time you write about something that you’ve written about in a previous blog article, link to it! And, after you publish the article, go back to every article you linked to, and link that one back to the new blog article.

Reciprocal linking like this is key to hemp SEO and an optimized internal link structure.

This is a super great way to implicitly show Google how your site is relevant to selling hemp, hemp products, and CBD products, which leads to improving your site’s overall hemp SEO.

You can boost user experience on hemp CBD websites by adding site search functionality. Hemp CBD Website Design Company ColaDigital.ca.

5. Include a Site Search Option For CBD Products & Hemp Content

User experience (UX) 101 states that if a potential CBD customer lands on your site with the intention of buying hemp CBD oil and they cannot find what they want while they’re on your site, they’ll bounce back to the search listings and find it elsewhere.

Imagine how much revenue you may have potentially lost by not having a website search option readily available to all site visitors.

By implementing site search functionality you’re improving the UX on your site as well as increasing the user engagement on your website!

Search functionality allows potential customers to search for all the products and all the content available on your website to best suit their needs.

So how does this help your hemp SEO approach?

If implemented correctly, you or your CBD SEO consultant can use the data from your site search to come up with highly-relevant content topics for your hemp SEO blog content strategy.

6. Use Clear & Appropriate Calls To Action to Move People Through Your Funnel

Have you ever landed on a website looking for information on a product or service but aren’t ready to purchase just yet? You just wanted info?

If so, isn’t it disruptive to your experience, i.e. really annoying, to have to look for the information you need while being prompted multiple times to “sign up” or buy now”?

Meanwhile, you don’t really even know who this company is because you just landed on their website looking for info. You don’t even know what to buy or what to sign up for yet.

It’s happened to me many times and I always question this strategy. You may feel the same.

To increase user engagement on your hemp CBD website, use this same principle to create appropriate content and calls to action on your home page and/or throughout your site, so potential customers can reach that content and other relevant/related content on your site.

For example, our hemp SEO program includes producing and publishing high-quality CBD and hemp-related blog content that’s typically targeted to the top of the funnel. That is, to people who are simply looking for information on CBD, not ready to buy yet.

Therefore, whenever we publish top of the funnel content, we always have clear calls to action in that content to direct potential customers to related content that’s targeted to middle of the funnel customers.

So, with middle of the funnel content, you’re correct to think that we have calls to action included in those articles to direct people who are ready to buy to targeted bottom of the funnel content with an enticing offer out discount.

This type of click-through by users while helps to improve your hemp SEO program because it increases the user engagement on your website.

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7. Email Marketing Newsletters Will Help Maximize Your Hemp SEO Game

If you haven’t heard, the inbox is still one of the most popular spots on the internet for many people including many of your potential customers.

OptinMonster says that some of us check our email as much as 20 times a day, Due to the rise in mobile use, checking email is super easy, after all.

More than half of us even check our email before doing anything else online (probably before even getting out of bed).

You can keep returning visitors engaged and get them back to your site regularly by delivering highly relevant content to their inbox via hemp CBD email marketing tactics.

This is super easy to do and you could even implement it today. Give potential customers the opportunity to return to your site by subscribing to your valuable email newsletter.

For example, you can set up an email newsletter subscription box, pop-up, or exit pop-up on your website, or you can create ebooks and other informational lead magnets to offer to top and middle of the funnel users in return for an email address – and then follow up via newsletters based on your target audiences interests.

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We Can Help You Implement an Effective Hemp SEO Program

If all the above seems a bit much for you to handle with your current marketing team, we can help you implement an effective hemp SEO strategy for your business.

Our team consists of experienced CBD SEO professionals, content writers, and web developers, so if you need SEO adjustments and conversion rate optimization (CRO) tweaks on your e-commerce website, we got you!

For examples of our SEO work, check out this CBD Case Study showing how we got 11 targeted keywords ranked for a client in the United Kingdom in just 30-days.

When you’re ready to get started and step up your hemp SEO game, please reach out for a free 30-minute phone consult, or contact us to request a quote.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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