How We Increased a Client’s Website Traffic by 90% Using Marijuana SEO

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Marijuana SEO Spawns a 90% Increase in Traffic From Organic Search

Check out this marijuana SEO case study!

A comprehensive marijuana SEO strategy is essential if you operate a retail cannabis dispensary or mail order weed shop in Canada or the USA because it’s just far too costly to run cannabis advertising campaigns for the long term. 

That’s exactly why this mail order marijuana dispensary based in British Columbia and serving stoners throughout Canada with the finest BC Bud approached us to help them improve their online presence, keyword rankings, and website traffic from organic search results.

Promoting weed in Canada using marijuana SEO is outrageously competitive for businesses on both sides. That is, the licensed retail cannabis stores and the legacy market weed delivery services and mail order marijuana online dispensaries.

Dispensary websites need to rank on Page 1 or Page 2 for highly competitive and highly profitable keyword search phrases used by weed smokers in their target geographic area and the first step in doing so is to implement a comprehensive marijuana dispensary SEO, keyword, and blog content marketing strategy. 

The challenge is that Google and Bing each only have 10 organic spots for search rankings on Page 1 and there are literally thousands of online dispensaries and licensed cannabis retail stores in Canada (and parts of the USA).

So how can cannabis dispensaries improve their marijuana SEO situation and become competitive with brands that are ranking on Page 1 for organic search queries like “online dispensary”, “buy weed online”, and “buy weed near me”?

This marijuana SEO case study with show you how our highly customized dispensary SEO strategy has increased this online dispensary’s daily clicks from organic search by 50%, boosted their impressions in organic search results by 25% and generated a 5% e-commerce conversion rate from organic search.

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Client Background

This client is a mail order marijuana online dispensary based in British Columbia and serving all of Canada.

They also offer fast, free weed delivery to Surrey BC and Langley BC and they were not ranking for any weed delivery terms, locally, so they wanted our help with that in order to start ranking for terms like “fast weed delivery”.

They were working with another marijuana SEO provider and weren’t satisfied with the results they were getting from this firm and asked us if we could improve their online presence.

We eagerly accepted, reviewed the website, researched competition, and created a proposal for a customized marijuana SEO, keyword, and blog content marketing strategy that will be designed to show significant results and promise in 3-months.

Goals For Our Marijuana SEO Strategy

Our client’s goals for their new marijuana SEO strategy were to:


1. Increase online visibility
2. Increase estimated monthly traffic
3. Increase average position rankings in organic search
4. Increase website traffic from organic search
5. Rank in the Top 3 of Page 1 for the keyword “cheap bud canada”
6. Start ranking (and increase rankings) for the following target keywords:
  • buy weed online canada
  • cheap weed canada
  • cheap shatter
  • mail order weed canada
  • best online dispensary canada
  • fast weed delivery
  • weed delivery
  • weed delivery in surrey
  • fast dispensary delivery
Google search performance chart for an online dispensary marijuana SEO KPIs. Cannabis SEO and dispensary SEO agency.
Google search performance chart for the online dispensary featured in this case study.

Marijuana SEO Case Study Timeline

We began the marijuana SEO strategy for this client on February 1, 2022.

This case study covers a 3-month/90-day period from February 1 to April 30, 2022.

The chart above from Google Search Console covers this 3-month period and shows the early results of our marijuana SEO for our client’s website performance.

You can clearly see how online impressions and clicks from organic search results increased steadily because of our strategy with marijuana SEO & blog content marketing.

Below we’ll outline more of our results for this online dispensary SEO case study.

The Results Of Our Marijuana SEO Strategy

Thanks to the detail in our marijuana SEO strategy we designed for this client we met ALL of their goals – and then some!

1. Online Visibility in Search Increases 51%!

Online visibility report for a cannabis dispensary using marijuana SEO as their main digital marketing strategy.

The client’s first goal was to see an increase in their online visibility for their target keywords as compared their top organic competitors.

On Feb 1, the date our marijuana SEO engagement started, our client’s online visibility was 2.76%.

As of April 30, 2022, we increased their online visibility by 51% to 4.16, in only 3-months!

Because of this increase in online visibility, our marijuana SEO plan also increased their estimated traffic and average position in organic search results.

2. Estimated Traffic From Search Increases 90%!

estimated marijuana SEO traffic for an online dispensary. cannabis marketing agency.

The chart above shows the increase in our client’s estimated traffic from organic search results from February 1 to April 30 thanks to our strategy for marijuana SEO for dispensaries.

As of Feb 1 they were at 17.78.

With our customized marijuana SEO, we were able to increase our client’s estimated monthly traffic by 90% to 33.73 in just 3-months! 

3. Average Position in Search Increases 16%!

average position search marijuana seo.

When our marijuana SEO engagement started on Feb 1, our client’s average position in search rankings was  at 67.96.

By the end of the first 90-days, we were able to increase their average position in organic search to 56.80. 

Our marijuana SEO focused keyword strategy helped us increase this online dispensary’s average position in search results by 16% in just 3-months!

While 16% may not seem like much, remember that this is only after the first 90-days and that SEO does take time to see significant results.

In my experience, this 16% increase and be boosted to a 25%-33% increase in another 2-3 months.

4. Increase Website Traffic From Organic Search

Google Analytics data of an online dispensary's marijuana SEO data.

The marijuana SEO strategy we implemented for our client created a significant increase in “free” highly-qualified website traffic from organic search results in under 3-months and continues to increase each month.

The data in the image above is a screenshot from the client’s Google Analytics account Acquisition Report from Feb 1, 2022 to April 30 2022.

You’ll see that our marijuana SEO strategy has made organic traffic from search engines the #1 source of traffic for this dispensary client.

You’ll also see significant increases in Users, New Users, & Sessions from Feb 1, 2022 to April 30 2022:

  • Users: 40.59%
  • New Users: 42.03%
  • Sessions: 39.72%


5. Rank In The Top 3 on Page 1 For “Cheap Bud Canada”

Target keywords for marijuana seo for an online dispensary. Cannabis marketing agency.

Our client wanted to see what we could do in a 3-month period.

They wanted to ‘test’ out our approach to marijuana SEO and see of our strategy can get them ranking for certain keywords that their previous marijuana SEO provider wasn’t able to.

The test keyword phrases were:

1. Cheap Bud Canada

  • This keyword has a medium level of competition so this goal is tough, but it is realistic.
  • Client says the goal is to rank in the top 3 positions on page 1 in 90-days or less for this keyword phrase.

2. Buy Weed Online Canada

  • This keyword has a very high level of competition and super high monthly search volume.
  • Our client understands that SEO takes time and that we will likely need more than 90-days to get anywhere on page 1 for a highly competitive keyword like this.
  • The client’s goal is to get them ranking as high as possible for this keyword in 90-days or less.

As you can see from the data in image above, this client was not ranking for the keywords “Cheap Bud Canada” or “Buy Weed Online Canada” on or before February 2, 2022.

But, in less than 90-days of implementing our marijuana SEO, we achieved their goal and they now rank at #3 for “Cheap Bud Canada”!

As for the highly competitive and lucrative keyword phrase “Buy Weed Online Canada” we have managed to get them from not ranking at all for this phrase to #41 on Google – and we’re trending upwards!

6. Rank For The Following Keywords We’re Not Currently Ranking For

cannabis keyword rankings for online dispensary using marijuana seo from

The keywords listed in the image above are the target keywords that the client wants to rank for which they are not ranking for as of February 1, 2022. 

In order to achieve this goal, our marijuana SEO strategy needs to have these keywords ranking as high as possible in 3 months.

You’ll see below that we were able to get our client’s website ranking for 13 keywords that they were not ranking on before.

In addition, we significantly increased rankings on 3 keywords that there were just barely ranking for!


Why Use Marijuana SEO Instead Of Cannabis Advertising?

Using Marijuana SEO as the foundation of your dispensary marketing strategy is the ideal way to promote selling weed online, increase online revenue, and avoid costly media/pay-per-click advertising fees along with the risks of getting your Google (or Facebook) account shut down, and losing all of your lucrative customer data.

Marijuana SEO is fully compliant cannabis marketing tactic and much more cost effective than cannabis advertising.

If you have a comprehensive strategy that includes SEO & keyword updates along with significant blog content marketing, you can build your site’s domain authority score over time, which leads to increases in online visibility and search engine rankings.

This combination of cannabis marketing tactics will lead to an increase in website traffic and online sales. However, it will take time. You’ll need at least 3-6, if not 6-12 months of comprehensive SEO and content marketing in order to see significant ROI from your marijuana SEO investment.

But it’s worth it.

With cannabis advertising, you’re paying high 4-figures and close to 5-figures – each month – on search advertising or display advertising in order to drive highly qualified traffic to your website.

With marijuana SEO, your monthly budget is low 4-figures each month and once you start ranking in search results for target/popular keyword phrases, you’re now driving traffic to your website from “free” listings in organic search results for years! Without having to pay high PPC costs!

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