B2B Cannabis Advertising Case Study – Using Google Ads To Increase Lead Conversions



Cannabis Advertising Case Study – Google Advertising For a Cannabis Testing Laboratory

The following case study will provide insights into our B2B cannabis marketing strategy using Google Search advertising and how we were able to achieve a 500% increase in goal completions and a 4.1% lead conversion rate in just 30-days

Yes, it is possible for cannabis businesses and cannabis ancillary business to advertise their products and/or services on Google search, and this cannabis marketing case study will illustrate the results of just the first 30-days.

By results, we include many campaign key performance indicators, and by “goal completions” we mean leads which include both contact form submissions and phone calls

The purpose of this marijuana marketing case study is to show what our cannabis marketing agency can do for your B2B cannabis business, in terms of increases in qualified website traffic and qualified lead generation, in just the first month.

While this case study features a cannabis ancillary business based in Canada, the data provided is highly relevant to B2B cannabis businesses in the United States, UK, and EU.

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Background: The Client Featured in This B2B Cannabis Marketing Case Study

Labstat is recognized as the world’s leading analytical testing laboratory for cannabis & nicotine product testing specializing in analytical chemistry, in-vitro toxicology, microbiology and method development.

The company’s commitment to serving its clients is equaled only by its focus to innovate and offer the most advanced science in the industry. The approach is to strategically partner with each of their clients to understand their needs and leverage their resident knowledge to provide the best technical and cost-efficient solution.

They have leveraged their technical experience to offer the most comprehensive cannabis testing capabilities in the world. They are also the only cannabis testing laboratory in Canada that offers testing facilities in eastern and western Canada.

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The Challenges – 30 Days or Less!

Labstat approached us in 2021 to help them create & manage a new paid advertising strategy using Google PPC search advertising

Their initial challenges were to:

  • Increase awareness of their cannabis product testing service.
  • Maintain awareness for their nicotine product testing, food product testing, and natural health product testing.
  • Increase qualified traffic to the website
  • Increase lead generation 
  • And…Show positive results in 30 days or less!

The main challenge was the final point above. We had to show positive results in 30 days or less.

The company had not done any digital marketing or any advertising in the past and wanted to see what professional and experienced cannabis marketing could do for their business.

We also knew we had to understand their target audience, have our customer personas/consumer avatars and campaign targeting on point, in order to run an effective B2B Google Ads campaign and show significant results in 30 days.

Our team was up to the challenge!

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Our Approach To Overcome Their Challenges

Our cannabis marketing agency’s approach was to identify the main goals, understand the target audience/build personas (customer avatars), start the Google Ads campaign as soon as possible to drive high-quality traffic, collect and analyze data, and tweak the campaign accordingly to meet our goals in 30-days.

Main Goals:

  1. Increase contact form submissions from the website.
  2. Increase email newsletter sign-ups.

High-Level Steps:

  • Competitor research
  • Complete target customer personas/avatars
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor keyword research
  • Write ad copy
  • Setup Google Ads campaign
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Launch the Google Ads campaign
  • Tweak the campaign accordingly
  • Monitor Google Analytics daily
  • Report every 14-days


The Results From Our Cannabis B2B Google Advertising Strategy

The data below outlines the results and the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the first 30-days of our B2B Google Ads campaign for cannabis lab testing services.

B2B marijuana advertising case study. Google Ads for cannabis marijuana business to business.

Campaign Key Performance Indicators – 30 days

    • Clicks: 830

    • Click-Through Rate (CTR): 4.40%

    • Impressions: 18.8k

    • Avg. Cost Per Click (CPC): $3.66

    • Cost Per Lead Acquisition (CPA): $89

    • Total Leads/Conversion: 57 (website lead form + phone calls)

    • Lead Conversion Rate: 4.10%

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We Can Help You With Your B2B or B2C Cannabis Advertising Strategy!

If you’d like to discuss a similar campaign for mail order marijuana company or your B2B cannabis-ancillary business, please call us for a free 30-minute phone consult or email us to schedule a call or request a quote. If you have any questions on this cannabis advertising case study, please email us today.

For more case studies covering digital advertising, SEO, and blog content marketing for both cannabis and CBD businesses, please see examples of our work here.

If advertising isn’t in your cannabis marketing plans and you’re interested in an organic strategy using cannabis SEO tactics, we’ve been “doing” SEO since 2004, implementing cannabis/CBD specific SEO since 2017, and would be happy to help you with a customized strategy to increase online visibility in search engines.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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