CBD SEO Case Study: How We Get Website’s Indexed & Ranked For 11 Keywords in 30-Days

CBD SEO Case Study. How To Get CBD Content Ranked on Google in 30-Days.

SEO For CBD Companies: Case Study on The First
30-Days of Our Custom CBD SEO Strategy

If you question how effective search engine optimization or SEO is for CBD websites, this CBD case study is for you.

If you’re not convinced that an effective CBD SEO marketing strategy can help your website go from “0” not ranking anywhere in the Top 100 for your target keywords, keep reading.

If you’d like to go from ranking “0” to have your website rank for 11 targeted keywords in the Top 70, with 4 in the Top 3, in just 30 days, you’re going to love this CBD SEO case study.

Case Study on how SEO can help CBD companies in 30-days.

CBD Case Study Summary:

The following CBD case study will illustrate how our customized CBD search engine optimization strategy helped our client achieve the following KPIs:

  • Increase their online visibility from 0 to 0.20% in just 30-days.
  • Get their brand new website indexed and ranked on Google for 11 of their target keywords search phrases.
  • Significantly increase the amount of organic website traffic by 388% in the first 30-days.
  • Boosted the amount of highly qualified traffic to the website, shown by an increase of 51% in the average number of pages viewed on the site, and the 21% increase in average time spent on the website, in only 30 days.

The main takeaway we’d like to understand from this CBD SEO case study is that SEO is a long-longterm strategy, that takes 6-12 months to see any significant results in terms of sales and revenue.

However, if our SEO strategy can get a client’s website from 0 to 11 keywords ranked with a significant increase in highly-qualified website traffic in just 30-days, image the ROI your cannabis or CBD company can achieve from a solid 6-12 months of comprehensive CBD SEO strategy!

Client background and information for CBD SEO.

Client Background

Our client is Doctor Herb. They are a UK based company specializing in the best CBD oil and cannabidiol products the UK market has to offer.

From top-shelf hemp flowers and concentrates to oils, edibles, and various CBD skincare products, this company is proud to provide clients with the highest quality legal CBD hemp products available on the market, THC-free.

The company just launched its website, doctorherb.co.uk, in March of 2019. They essentially had a brand new website, newly launched, and needed an effective CBD digital marketing strategy to drive the right users to their e-commerce website.

They were extremely interested in our CBD SEO services which includes:

  • Website marketing & SEO audit.
  • Comprehensive intent-driven keyword research for short-tail, long-tail, and semantically related keyword phrases.
  • Implementation of an SEO & keyword strategy.
  • 1-4 x 1200 word SEO optimized, and user-optimized blog articles each month.
  • On-Going SEO updates and tweaks to the initial strategy.
  • Monthly SEO reports, online visibility reports, and keyword rankings reports.

We began our SEO process in the first week of May 2019.

Initial baseline SEO and keyword rankings reports for case study on CBD and SEO.

Baseline Reports For Keyword Ranking & Online Visibility Score

After we complete a few rounds of keyword research, we discuss the data with the client to come up with 25-40 targeted keywords and phrases that the client wants to rank for.

Once this list is confirmed, we do a baseline keyword rankings report to determine where the client’s website currently ranks for the newly targeted keyword phrases.

We also do a baseline report to measure the client’s online visibility, pre-implementation of our CBD SEO strategy.

Baseline Online Visibility Report (May 7, 2019)

Baseline online visibility report and charts for doctorherb.co.uk by CBD SEO agency coladigital.ca. CBD SEO Case Study.
Data collected by ColaDigital.ca

Baseline Target Keyword Rankings Report (May 7, 2019)

Baseline target keyword rankings report for DoctorHerb.co.uk by CBD SEO agency ColaDigital.ca.
Data collected by ColaDigital.ca

Baseline Results

As you can see from the data above, the client had zero (0) online visibility and zero (0) keywords in the top 100 rankings on Google.

Following these baseline reports, we began to craft and implement a customized SEO strategy on our client’s website, as well as to begin writing the first blog article for month 1 of our CBD SEO program.

Case Study Results. CBD SEO key performance indicators.

SEO Reports After The First 30-Days

Our SEO strategy was implemented asap for this client project. We were able to optimize the entire website, including all products, all images, and to submit a new sitemap to Google By May 13, 2019.

By June 13, 2019, just 30-days after the implementation of our CBD SEO strategy, our client’s SEO KPIs began to increase, slowly, but surely. After all, it’s only been 30-days.

SEO Report: First 30-Days

cola digital seo report first 30 days doctor herb. CBD SEO Case Study 2019.
  • Total Users: +388%!
  • Average # Pages/Session: +51%! (shows these users were highly qualified)
  • Bounce Rate: -39% (shows these users were highly qualified)
  • Average Session Duration: +21%! (shows these users were highly qualified)

Organic traffic to the website, i.e. traffic from search engines represented 32.4% of website traffic, up from “0”.

Online Visibility Report: First 30-Days

Check out the results of our CBD SEO strategy just 30-days after initial CBD SEO implementation! Compare this chart to the one above showing the “baseline online visibility report”.

You can clearly see (blue line) how the client’s online visibility score has already started to increase. Remember – SEO is a long-term CBD marketing solution, but you can get off to a great start if you choose the right CBD SEO company!

online visibility report first 3-months for doctorherb.co.uk from CBD SEO company, coladigital.ca.

Keyword Rankings Report: First 30-Days

Here are our client’s keyword rankings on, Google UK, for 11 of their top 40 target keywords. Compare this to the baseline keyword rankings report above.

As you can see, we have 11 keywords indexed and ranked, on Google UK mobile search, after only 30-days of our CBD SEO strategy!

Keyword Rankings Report for DoctorHerb.co.uk 30-days after CBD SEO implementation by ColaDigital.ca.
  • 11 keywords ranked in the Top 70 (up from “0” keywords ranked!)
  • 4 keywords on Page 3!
  • 1 keyword at the bottom of Page 4
  • 3 keywords at the bottom of Page 5!
  • 1 keyword on top of Page 6
  • 2 keywords on Page 7

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It’s super important to note that SEO is a long-term process. Significant results with ROI, increases in revenue, search engine rankings, and boosting amount of organic traffic takes time.

A good rule of thumb is that you should expect to see results from your CBD SEO strategy in 6 to 12-months, depending on how much ongoing SEO updates and blog content writing you do.

It’s also important to understand that SEO can and will lead to online and in-store sales of your CBD products in 12-months, but generally speaking, SEO is targeted to potential customers who are at the top of the conversion funnel, i.e. people who are looking for information, not looking to buy.

In contrast, digital advertising campaigns are used for CBD campaigns targeting people at the bottom of the funnel who are ready and looking to buy CBD now.

The purpose of this case study is to show CBD business owners that SEO for CBD companies can and will work to grow your CBD business.

You’ve now seen the results of our SEO strategy after only 30-days.

Check back here in a few weeks for an update to this CBD Case Study showing the results of our SEO strategy for this client after 60-days.

If you’d like to discuss plans for your SEO strategy, please contact us for a customized quote, or call us for a free 30-minute consultation.

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