The Rising Popularity of Minnesota’s Low-Dose THC Drinks: A Market Overview

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From Niche to Mainstream: The Success Story of Minnesota’s Low-Dose THC Beverage Market

It’s an unexpected surprise that Minnesota has emerged as the leading market for low-dose, hemp-derived THC beverages in the entire country.

In fact, its popularity seems to surpass even that of Canada and Europe. This remarkable trend highlights Minnesota’s progressive attitude towards cannabis products and its position as a thriving hub for innovative beverage offerings.

The remarkable triumph of these beverages could potentially positively impact the burgeoning recreational marijuana market in the state.

As sales for adult-use are projected to commence beyond tribal lands within a relatively short span of just over a year, this success adds further promise and potential for growth in this industry.

In the meantime, sales of hemp-derived THC beverages have taken off, with monthly sales likely topping $1 million.

Thanks to the forward-thinking regulations and supportive lawmakers in Minnesota, the sale of hemp-derived THC products has flourished in the Midwest market.

This has led to an impressive surge in the popularity of beverages infused with THC, which can now be found at liquor stores, restaurants, grocery chains, and various other locations that were previously unavailable for such products across the country.

The remarkable expansion of this market is a testament to Minnesota’s inclusive approach towards these innovative products.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and opened the door for sales of delta-8, delta-9 and other intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids with up to 0.3% THC by dry weight.

The Minnesota market, which doesn’t require a license to sell hemp-derived THC products, opened the door.

“It has exposed an entire state of consumers to the fact that they can purchase these products the same way they can purchase alcohol,” says Leili Fatehi, partner and principal of Blunt Strategies.

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