How To Advertise Marijuana Products Using Native Advertising Networks

How To Advertise Marijuana Products and CBD Products Online. Native advertising for marijuana dispensaries. Cannabis marketing agency. Dispensary marketing company Canada and USA.

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Advertising Marijuana Products With 3 Ad Networks

The best marketing strategy for advertising marijuana products is to remain compliant while being super creative and gently testing, not pushing, the envelope of cannabis advertising restrictions.

Advertising marijuana products is one thing, but marketing and promoting marijuana products is another. The later has no advertising restrictions!

There are a few strategic ways to market marijuana without advertising but in this article, we show you how using native advertising to advertise your marijuana products is an effective way for you to reach cannabis consumers when they are already consuming content and open to discovery.

“Native advertising” describes any situation where branded messages fit seamlessly within their surrounding online environment, engaging audiences rather than disrupting the user experience.

Promoted search results and sponsored social media posts are popular examples of native ads. However, it’s a huge challenge to advertise marijuana products on search engines and social media platforms.


There are a few native advertising services that offer cannabis companies and dispensaries digital display advertising placements on popular websites.

Some of these digital ad networks specialize in prohibited content, products, and services.

We’ll discuss these native cannabis advertising options like Taboola, Outbrain, and Mantis in this article as well as touch on a few ways to promote marijuana and CBD products that focus more on digital marketing and less digital advertising.

So let’s get to it. What are the most effective ways of advertising marijuana products using digital marketing as well as traditional marketing strategies? Read on and learn them all!

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1. Advertising Marijuana Products With Outbrain

Outbrain is a content discovery and native advertising platform that reaches a billion users every month, through the sites of CNN, Meredith Corporation, New York Post and others.

Outbrain’s mission is to create the most meaningful and trustworthy online discovery feeds connecting a person, channel and marketer. Advertisers can purchase display ad placements on the world’s most popular websites.

Outbrain’s native advertising technology powers the news, product & information feeds of the world’s most recognized publishers and channels including MSN, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Sky News.

Outbrain provides native advertising opportunities for some marijuana and CBD products. Native advertising with Outbrain is different than display advertising with Google.

Here’s what Outbrain’s advertising guidelines say about advertising marijuana products and CBD products via their network:

Content cannot promote:

  • The sale or consumption of alcohol
  • Ads must not promote the sale or use of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.
  • Tobacco-related products such as e-cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, vaporizers, hookahs

But, look what IS acceptable advertising content:

  • Promotion of hemp-based CBD (cannabidiol) products with little to no THC is acceptable in countries where CBD is legal
  • Promotion of investments or stocks relating to marijuana is acceptable

This is a super awesome CBD advertising opportunity for any cannabis company who sells CBD along with other marijuana products.

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Advertising Marijuana Products Using Taboola

Taboola is another content discovery and native advertising platform. This one provides advertisements such as the “Around the Web” and “Recommended For You” boxes at the bottom of many online news articles.

Taboola claims to help promote your marijuana brand at the moments your audience is most receptive to new messages, products, and services.

They are able to help you advertise marijuana products through native in-feed advertising.

Their native and exclusive Taboola Feed placements put your content and videos front and centre on premium websites, capturing user attention when they are most open to discovering new things.

Native advertising platforms like Taboola are conscious about your marijuana brand and put brand safety first. To guarantee your brand appears in safe and viewable environments, they partner with industry leaders in viewability, verification, and fraud services.

While Outbrain claims to reach 1 Billion users per month, Taboola says they reach 1.4 Billion users each month from 10,000+ publishers and brands. Both platforms allow for both image and video advertising placements.

So, can you advertise marijuana products on Taboola’s native advertising network?

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Taboola’s ad content policies don’t really say that you can, but they also don’t say that can’t advertise marijuana products.

Under the Restricted Content, Products, and Services section, there is no section on legal or illegal drugs. The closest categories are “alcohol” and “medicines and supplements”.

The former is clearly not relevant and the latter makes a reference to prescription drugs only, saying that campaigns must not make any health claims, mention or suggest the product’s use or the disease or illness it seeks to remedy.

I’m not sure that relates to recreational marijuana, but if you are wanting to advertise marijuana products to medical marijuana patients who have prescriptions, Taboola could be the digital advertising network to amplify your cannabis content.

I’d suggest reviewing Taboola’s advertising content guidelines yourself before crafting an advertising campaign for your marijuana products or services. Your marijuana product may qualify!

If you need consultation or some help navigating this opportunity, please feel free to contact me and I’ll help you any way I can.

Option 3 for native advertising for marijuana. How to advertise marijuana products online. Including CBD advertising and dispensary advertising outside of Google and Facebook. Cannabis marketing agency Cola Digital.

Advertising Marijuana Products With Mantis

Your third option to advertise marijuana products is a third native advertising company called Mantis.

Mantis is a much smaller native advertising network when compared to Outbrain or Taboola, but they are a useful digital advertising tool to advertise your marijuana products.

They claim to be a pioneer in the ad tech space who empower advertisers around the world with proprietary display, native, and video marketing solutions.

Their network is small but is ever expanding and currently consists of more than 500 websites with niche audiences seeking cannabis, yoga, music, wellness, and other real-life content.

They explicitly mention cannabis content so advertising marijuana products is a no brainer for these guys.

Their website shows the following marijuana-related businesses as clients:

Cannabis and marijuana related customer reviews of mantis ad network. How advertising marijuana products on native advertising platforms helps grow your dispensary business. Dispensary advertising agency Canada and USA.

In terms of native advertising options on Mantis, they suggest that sponsored content should be at the core of your marijuana marketing strategy.

You can advertise your marijuana products using native ads on Mantis served to millions of monthly readers and guarantee your cannabis and CBD products get the visibility they deserve.

Native advertising on the Mantis network of cannabis and wellness websites should be part of your marijuana marketing strategy because you’re able to advertise marijuana products to targeted users with little to no restrictions.


We Can Help You Advertise Your Marijuana Products

If marijuana advertising wasn’t something you planned for because of the strict advertising regulations in North America, these new choices of where you can advertise marijuana products may be overwhelming.

Our marijuana marketing team has been advertising medical marijuana on Facebook and Google since 2017 and we can help you advertise your marijuana & CBD products.

In addition to the native advertising options for marijuana listed above, we also offer social media advertising and Google PPC Advertising. Both forms also include display ad placements on millions of popular websites in Google and Facebook’s advertising network.

We can help you with fully managed services or monthly consultations. Please reach out and tell us about your project using the form below.

We’re ready to help you grow!