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What is the most effective way to advertise edibles online? Can you advertise THC & CBD edibles using Google Ads? If you’re looking to sell more edibles from your online store, in the USA and Canada, here are 2 effective digital marketing strategies using Google Search.

How To Advertise Edibles Online Using Paid Google Ads & Organic SEO

Marketing and selling weed edibles online has been a thing for many years in the United States. Same for marketing and advertising CBD edibles.

THC and CBD edibles are now legal in Canada and are expected to be in stores and ready to purchase by the end of this year, or early 2020.

If you’re a new CBD business or marijuana dispensary, I’m betting you’re already selling edibles online and in-store and are excited about the potential of marketing, advertising and selling edibles from your online store.

So how do you market edibles online?

Can you advertise CBD or THC edibles on Google and Facebook?

What’s the most effective way to sell edibles online in Canada or the United States?

In this article, we’ll discuss effective digital marketing tactics to market edibles as well as some specific examples of how we help our clients grow their business by advertising edibles online.

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How Many People Want To Buy Edibles Online?

How popular are CBD edibles? Are people buying CBD edibles or THC edibles?

When it comes to estimating demand to sell edibles online, we typically use keyword search volume data from Google using tools like SEMrush.

By researching relevant keywords related to buying edibles, buying CBD edibles online or buying THC edibles online, we’re able to see which terms your target market is using when they are searching to buy edibles.

In addition, we’re able to see the average monthly search volume for each search query/keyword phrase.

For example, let’s look at the keyword search volume for a keyword search phrase with the obvious intent of buying edibles online.

Here is the data for the term: “buy edibles online”.

Screenshot of keyword research for "buy edibles online". USA Data. How to market and promote edibles online. Can you advertise CBD edibles online.
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As you can see from the data in the screenshot above, there is some pretty decent search volume in the USA for the term “buy edibles online”.

You see a variety of keywords with “phrase match” as well as “related” search terms that people in the USA are currently typing into Google or Bing search engines.

When people are searching using the term “buy edibles online” – they clearly have the intent to purchase THC or CBD edibles online, now. They’re not “kicking the tires”, they are in purchase mode.

If you’re looking to start selling CBD and TBC edibles from your online store, there clearly is demand in the USA as we’ve identified with this data.

In terms of the popularity of buying CBD & weed edibles online in Canada, is that data any different?

Here’s a look at the keyword research data for buying edibles online in Canada.

Screenshot of keyword research in Canada for buy cbd edibles online. Can you advertise CBD edibles on Google.
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The data is super similar when you take the population differences into account. In fact, the data shows that buying edibles online in Canada could actually be more popular than in the USA, relatively speaking.

This may also have to do with the fact that selling edibles in Canada has just become legal at the time of writing this article and researching this data.

Regardless, I feel it’s safe to say that there is a growing and current demand, to purchase weed edibles or CBD edibles online in North America.

So, how and where do you market edibles online and can you advertise edibles on Google?

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Can You Advertise Edibles Using Paid Google Search?

While Google’s policies with advertising hemp-derived CBD products are super restrictive, there are ways to strategically run ongoing and successful advertising campaigns on Google search for CBD edibles.

As you may know, it is possible to advertise CBD oil on Google and many CBD companies are currently doing so.

In fact, we are currently running profitable ad campaigns for CBD oil, CBD edibles, and THC edibles, for many of our active clients using Google Search.

For example, see our case studies here and here.

If you’re wondering what is the best way to market and promote edibles online, strategically written Google search ads, that are targeted to your specific target demo and geo area, should be at the top of your list.

Why Should You Use Google Ads To Sell Edibles?

No one goes to Facebook, Instagram, or some random website when they want to buy weed or CBD edibles.

But, people absolutely will go to a search engine like Google or Bing when they want to buy anything. It’s no different when it comes to CBD edibles or other cannabis products.

Google search is a 100% intent-based platform. People use Google to find information, but they also use Google when they want to buy something online.

We suggest using hyper-targeted Google Search advertising to effectively market, promote, and sell marijuana or CBD edibles online.

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Use SEO & Organic Search to Educate Potential Customers at the Top of the Funnel

While Google Ads focus on the bottom of the funnel, and ad campaigns should target people who are actively looking to buy CBD or THC edibles, what about people at the top of the funnel who are just looking for information on edibles or on CBD in general?

What is the difference in demand for people looking for information about cannabis/hemp edibles versus the number of people who are looking to buy edibles now?

You may be surprised. You may have even been targeting the wrong segments!

The data above showed us how many people were searching to buy edibles online per month in the USA and Canada.

The data below shows us how many people on average are searching for basic information about edibles each month.

Here’s the USA data:

Screenshot of SEMrush keyword research for what are edibles. Can you advertise CBD edibles on Google? How to market edibles online.
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Here’s the Canadian data:

Canadian keyword research screen cap for what are edibles. Can you advertise edibles online in canada and the usa?
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This data clearly shows us that in the USA, there are way many more people looking for basic information about edibles – as basic as searching for “what are edibles”, then there are people who are actually looking to “buy edibles online”.

In Canada, it’s actually the opposite! LOL.

In Canada, there are more people who are looking to buy edibles online then there are people curious about what an edible actually is.

As a Canadian, that’s funny to me 🙂

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So What Does The Data Mean For Your CBD Business?

The point here is that there is a ton of value for your marketing spend and eventually ROI if you focus some of your marketing on the top of the funnel.

That is, focus on educating your potential customers who have questions about edibles, and provide relevant, high-quality answers/information, in an effort to increase your brand awareness and their trust in your brand.

People who aren’t ready to buy weed edibles or CBD edibles now will be more likely to purchase edibles from your store if they trust your brand and have been educated by your brand.

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So How Do You Do This?

You need to exploit organic search results. That is, you need a targeted SEO & keyword strategy implemented on your website, as well as a content strategy to educate the right customers.

When people have a question about something they typically will consult a search engine. Just like they will when they want to buy something.

But in this case, the intent is different. The intent is to learn, to educate themselves. The intent is not to purchase.

This is why organic search and organic SEO are super important for a brand to build awareness, build trust, and fill the top of your conversion funnel.

By using keyword research, we’re able to identify the most popular questions that people are asking about CBD products and CBD edibles in particular.

You want your website to show up for any of these searches that are relevant to your brand and your target market, right?

I mean, after all, its free traffic from a relevant organic search and landing on your website. Who wouldn’t want this!?

CBD SEO Case Study

By implementing a keyword strategy on your website, you help search engines like Google understand what your site is about and how to rank it.

But search engines will only rank your website if you provide relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy content.

This can be achieved through publishing high-quality and relevant blog articles on your website, sharing them on social media, and amplifying/promoting the content with native ads and sponsored content on popular websites.

This strategy allows you to drive highly qualified traffic to your website and to be introduced to your brand for the first time.

It also provides the ability to retarget all site visitors with retargeting campaigns to further build trust and the eventual sale.

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We Can Help You Advertise Edibles Online!

Are you ready to step up your game with marketing, advertising, and selling CBD edibles online?

We can help you advertise your THC & CBD edibles with professional and experienced managed services including Google Ads Management, SEO, and optimized blog content writing.

Please call us for a free 30-minute consultation, or email us to request a quote.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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