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Great CBD Shop’s products contain a proprietary blend of organic cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts, aromatic terpenes, and other trace compounds to create what scientists commonly refer to as the “entourage effect,” — a synergistic interaction that magnifies the therapeutic potential of CBD and other cannabinoids.

From CBD oils and balms to equine care and hemp-derived CBD for pets, every hemp CBD product for sale on their website has been USDA certified, made free of contaminants or pesticides and less than 0.3% THC & non-psychoactive.

This is a brand new CBD company, based in South Carolina, USA. We provide the following services for them:

1. CBD Logo Design

We designed this logo and developed their brand:


3. E-commerce Website Design, Development, Content Writing, & CBD SEO Strategy

We recently launched the new company website!

You can see it here at GreatCBDShop.com.

3. Social Media Management

We setup & optimized this company’s social media profiles. We have just started to manage, create, and post their daily content.

4. Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads campaign management has not started yet. The client plans to get started in the next 2-weeks.

Please check back for updates!

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