CBD SEO Strategy & Google Advertising For CBD

Relief Naturals approach natural problems with holistic solutions. They venture deep into the lab to craft safe, affordable and effective CBD products for pain, anxiety, focus, and more.

This CBD company is committed to providing our community with easy access to premier CBD products. They only partner with proven, respected purveyors of CBD products in the USA. Their goal is to help the members of our community get the most enjoyment out of life.

CBD SEO & Keyword Stratgey

This client wanted to get their site to be search engine friendly. They also wanted to increase their search engine rankings for relevant CBD related keyword searches.

In January 2021, we began implementing an initial SEO & keyword strategy on their site.

CBD Google Ads

This company also wanted to target users in the “evaluation” stage/the middle of the sales funnel, who are actively searching to buy CBD products online.

We’ve just begun our Google search ads campaign management strategy that is designed to drive highly targeted search traffic to their website.

Check back in 3-months for the case study!

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