How We Advertise Cannabis Services on Google

We hear the following questions on the regular: Can you advertise marijuana on Google, Can you advertise CBD online, Can dispensaries advertise on Facebook.

Yes, you can advertise CBD and cannabis related products and services on Google and Facebook but, it’s super challenging and your ads will likely not be approved.

However, sometimes, with some creativity with imagery and copywriting, you can advertise cannabis ancillary services on Google.

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Our cannabis marketing agency has been testing cannabis advertising campaigns using Google PPC ads to promote our marijuana marketing services since the end of October 2017.

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Samples of Our Google PPC Text Ads For Cannabis Services

We tenaciously tested various types of search-based text ads using different language and copywriting tactics.

We submitted over 60 different ad variations and went through a few rounds of disapprovalsfrom Google.

Our ad copywriting team continued to tweak our ad copy until we had 59 of our ads approved!

The following ads are a sample of some of our cannabis PPC ads that are shown on desktop and mobile views.

Cannabis Advertising on Google With Desktop PPC Ads

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Sample Cannabis Ads on Google Mobile

Sample google ppc mobile ads for cannabis advertising and marijuana advertising. How to advertise cannabis on Google. SEM PPC Advertising for cannabis companies. Cannabis advertising on Google Adwords and Google Ads.

Campaign KPIs

  • Campaign Dates: October 24, 2017 – January 17, 2018 (ongoing)
  • Campaign Medium: Google Search Network – PPC Advertising
  • Paid Search Marketing KPIs:
    • Total Clicks:                                                  350 (24% of website traffic)
    • Total Impressions:                                    13,662
    • Click Through Rate (CTR):                       2.24%
    • Average CPC:                                              $5.76
    • Total Website Visits:                                 350
    • Average Pages Viewed/Session:             2.15
    • Average Time on Website:                      1:36
    • Total Cost:                                                  $1,762.11
    • Total Conversions:                                    8

To read the entire case study on how we advertised cannabis marketing services on Google search, go here.

We Can Help You Advertise Cannabis on Google

If you’d interested in trying Google Ads campaigns for your products on the Google Search or Google Display Network, please contact us for a free consultation.

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