Can you advertise medical marijuana on Facebook? Dispensary social media. Social media marketing for dispensaries.

Can You Advertise Medical Marijuana on Facebook?

Yes, you actually can advertise medical cannabis on Facebook (and on Google as well by the way!)

The following is a summary of our Facebook advertising campaigns promoting the Canadian Green House Conference to medical marijuana growers, nationally, in 2017 and 2018.

If you’d like to read or download the full case study outlining our medical marijuana digital marketing strategy on Facebook, Google Display, and YouTube, please go here.

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How We Advertise Medical Marijuana on Facebook & Increased Conversions by 25%!

In 2017, we were able to advertise medical cannabis on Facebook and improve the overall attendance for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference 2017 by 25% (YoY).

In 2018, this was the second year in a row for us managing the cannabis-related digital advertising for this client, and we proud to say we had a second consecutive year of increasing attendance by double digits (20%) year over year!

Examples of Our Facebook Advertising Creative

Here are examples of the image ads we ran on Facebook in 2017:

Facebook ad screenshot examples of cannabis ads on Facebook. Can you advertise medical cannabis on Facebook. Marijuana Marketing Agency.

In 2018, we used video ads to advertise medical marijuana on Facebook. Here are 2 examples of our advertising creative:


How The Client Feels About Our Work

“Vee and his team have been instrumental in growing my conference and expanding our reach to new audiences.

They were patient with my learning curve, very accessible, responsible in handling my account budget and thorough in their reporting.

I have the utmost confidence in to help us achieve our marketing goals.”Glenna Cairnie, Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

We can help you with advertising medical marijuana on Facebook.

We Can Help You Advertise Marijuana on Facebook

If you’d like to try advertising your marijuana and CBD products on Facebook, you should expect a challenge. It’s not easy, but it can and has been done.

There are other advertising options on platforms that actually accept cannabis and CBD advertising. So if social media isn’t an option for marketing your CBD and cannabis-related products, it’s not the end of the world.

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