Weekly CBD Blogging Can Boost B2B Wholesale Revenue By 10x!

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How Content Marketing Can Grow Your CBD/Hemp Wholesale Business

We’re going to focus exclusively on marketing and selling hemp and CBD products, including biomass, to wholesale B2B accounts.

One thing that is similar with B2B CBD marketing strategy and B2C CBD marketing tactics is that they are all about finding the right leads that convert to sales.

The most effective way to do this as a CBD business or a CBD marketer is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

My advice is to take the following approach to your hemp/CBD B2B marketing strategy: Put your target customers’ needs first.

If your customer’s needs are in the driver’s seat, your CBD/hemp business will be on the fast track to marketing success in no time.

So how do you show your wholesale customers that you care about their needs, first?

You publish user & search engine optimized content on your website blog that contains high-quality information.

This info answers all of your customer’s questions about buying CBD in wholesale quantities while showcasing the features and benefits of your product.

In this article on B2B CBD/Hemp Content Marketing you’ll learn the following:

  • Why providing actionable content to your B2B customers is the key to winning their business.
  • How regular, frequent, SEO optimized blog articles at intervals of one week or less keep your hemp/CBD company on potential customers’ radar while they are shopping to purchase what you’re selling.
  • How follow-up content, coordinated with your sales team, can boost your sales to incredible levels.

Read on to understand exactly how CBD SEO and CBD content marketing with blog articles can increase your B2B sales by 10x for your CBD wholesale business.

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Publish Content That Positions You or Your Business as a Valuable Virtual CBD Wholesale Consultant

People who are looking to purchase hemp or CBD in wholesale quantities likely have a lot of questions. Many of these questions are likely similar for each person.

The key to successful CBD content marketing is the same as successful selling – provide useful information that can help target customers solve problems and answer questions associated with buying CBD and hemp wholesale.

So, as a good CBD wholesale consultant, you’d want to populate your website blog with answers to all of the popular, solution-oriented questions, that your target customers are asking about buying wholesale hemp & CBD products.

The key is to do this constantly on the regular.

It’s not enough to just publish one piece of content on your website or to post one blog article that answers all (or a few) questions in one read.

CBD and hemp content marketing is not a one and done tactic.

If you publish regular content that answers popular questions in your niche, this ongoing “CBD wholesale consultancy” will have your customers depending on your advice, signing up to your newsletter, and you’re building authority as a B2B CBD wholesaler with every blog article you publish.

Remember, with authority comes the customer’s trust. Which is always important with B2B CBD marketing and wholesaling.

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Consistent CBD/HEMP Blog Content Builds Your Online Visibility & Brand Awareness

My team and I have been involved in both B2C & B2B blog content marketing since 2009. We’ve been executing and managing blog content strategy for cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies since 2017.

One thing we’ve learned throughout this time and experience is that consistent posting of SEO optimized blog content, once or twice a week, will absolutely build your online authority and boost your online visibility over the long term.

Check out the CBD SEO case study showing how to outrank your organic competitors in 6-months with our CBD/Hemp SEO strategy.

So how does this work? It’s super simple and as an entrepreneur or business professional yourself, you’ll appreciate this.

The reason SEO and blog content marketing works for hemp and CBD marketing is that if done correctly, your blog post traffic will gain visits over time, In fact, it compounds, just like interest does on money in your bank account!

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For your CBD content marketing strategy to be most effective, you need to understand your target customer, SEO, and keyword research. If you need an experienced SEO agency to help you with this, please contact us for a free 30-minute phone consultation.

Use keyword research to identify the most popular keyword search phrases that would be most profitable to your business over the long-term.

Then, take these keywords to guide you in choosing topics for your blog content marketing plan.

This strategy allows you to stay focused on your product line and your target customer instead of just writing any type of content using the most popular keywords that may be too competitive for you to rank for and to complete with.

Choose topics that will help you to write content that solves real-world problems for your B2B customers. These customers will share your content with their colleagues and friends.

Then they, in turn, will share them with their circles of influence, building your authority and your qualified website traffic with every share, and no advertising spend!

This is exactly why we say it pays to create content that your target customers will find valuable enough to share. This goes for both B2B and B2C CBD/hemp marketing and means:

  • Updating your posts with relevant, recent data.
  • Finding new channels to distribute your content on.
  • Taking the time to research what value you can bring to your customers.

With this approach, you’ll be able to create high-quality content in easy to understand blog articles that put your company in the position of the “go-to business” in the wholesale CBD/hemp industry.

This is how you build brand awareness and trust in CBD wholesale. This is essential in CBD B2B blogs and can be achieved with one to two blog posts per week.

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Your Own Website Helps You Find Your Sweet Spot For Blog Frequency

It’s recommended to do at least 1-2 blog posts per week for CBD B2B wholesale marketing, however, recent research shows that publishing 2-4 blogs each week will yield the best results in both qualified website traffic and conversions/sales.

While 2-4 SEO optimized blog articles each week may seem a lot for you and your content team to produce regularly, you could consider outsourcing some of your posts to a CBD content marketing agency like ours.

We work as a team with several of our clients and produce some of the content in tandem with their internal team. However, our team looks after the SEO optimization for all of the blog content.

Another recommendation for content production and showcasing your company as the “go-to source” in CBD wholesale, is to engage your internal teams outside of marketing to share their expertise in some of your blog posts.

Let’s be honest, it may be hard to hit a 10x sales target as your blog articles need to position you and your company as an expert in CBD/hemp wholesale.

So, the teams that actually design and create your products: Engineers, researchers, developers, and even other current/past wholesale sales reps, can contribute the very advice potential customers need to put their trust in your company.

Testimonials from sales reps would be ideal for a CBD wholesale business. When these testimonials are in blog articles and showcase your best producers’ experience, you’ll likely attract the kinds of qualified leads that need your company’s expertise to grow their own CBD business.

While you’re coming up with the idea blog publishing frequency, after a few weeks, you’ll also want to pay attention to the publishing frequency that produces the most leads.

Research says that “B2B companies that blog at least 11 times a month garner 1.75 times the leads as those that blog 6 to 10 times a month. If you can stretch your once-weekly blog posts with outsourced content or employee/sales rep-generated posts, you can get 3.75 times more leads”.

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We Can Help You With Your CBD/Hemp Content Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to get started on an SEO optimized content marketing strategy for your CBD hemp business?

Are you looking to outsource all of your CBD/hemp content marketing to an experienced and professional CBD marketing agency?

Or, does your internal content team need some help with SEO and your CBD content writing?

We can help you get started right now! Call us today for a free 30-minute consultation or email us to schedule a call.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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