5 Reasons Why Blog Content is Essential To Your
Dispensary SEO Marketing Strategy

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Blog Content is Essential To Your Dispensary SEO Strategy

Is blogging still relevant for dispensary SEO marketing? The numbers certainly say so.

In terms of blog content for all industries, WordPress reports that there are approximately 70 million new blog posts each month. 

Clearly, this shows that blog content marketing is still a valuable and outstanding strategy for all businesses including dispensary SEO marketing.

To go even further, a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute showed that blog content is used by 90% of businesses over other forms of content marketing including ebooks, infographics, and even videos within the last year.

Why are so many businesses still using SEO & blog content marketing to amplify their brand, build online visibility, and increase ‘free’ traffic from organic search results?

It’s because SEO & blog content marketing still works for many SMBs and this is no different for retail dispensaries and mail order marijuana pot shops.

You might be thinking there is already an overload of cannabis-related content on the internet and it would be impossible for you to outrank your competitors using blog content and dispensary SEO marketing.

That’s flawed and faulty thinking that will cause you to miss an excellent dispensary marketing opportunity. 

Online dispensaries and retail cannabis stores can achieve success with the right cannabis marketing strategy that is focused on the customer and highly effective dispensary marketing tactics like blog content marketing and cannabis SEO. 

Although social media is an important dispensary marketing tactic, that doesn’t mean cannabis blogs and dispensary blogging have no value in your marijuana marketing mix.

When blog content is part of your dispensary’s cannabis SEO marketing strategy, you’ll see increases in website traffic that will help your dispensary build brand awareness and boost authority in the online cannabis space. 

The traffic you get from adding blogging to your dispensary SEO marketing mix will help turn site visitors into customers and help create to grow your audience, online visibility, and daily revenue!

But making influential blogs that meet your company’s objectives is another topic.

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Here’s Why Your Dispensary Should Focus on Blog Content in Your Cannabis SEO Marketing Strategy

If you’re reading this you likely own or operate a retail cannabis store, a mail-order marijuana online dispensary or a local weed delivery service and understand how competitive ranking on Page 1 can be for popular, purchase-intent-related keywords like “online dispensary”, “buy weed online”, “weed delivery near me”, or any other related phrases.

The ideal solution to this challenge is to add a blog content marketing element to your dispensary SEO marketing mix. 

For example, our dispensary SEO strategy which includes 4-15+ x 1,500+ word, SEO-optimized blog articles per month, has increased website traffic by 90% for an online dispensary and achieved over 10k unique visits and a 4% conversion rate for a retail dispensary in just 90 days.

So let’s get into understanding why your dispensary SEO marketing strategy needs a high-quality, highly relevant, SEO-optimized blog content strategy that publishes influential cannabis content that ranks in search results and drives “free” traffic to your website for years.

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1. Influential Cannabis Blogs Builds Customer Loyalty & Brand Trust

As we briefly discussed above, by regularly publishing high-quality SEO-optimized cannabis blog content on your website, your dispensary will build loyalty and trust from pretty much everyone who visits your website.

As a modern cannabis marketer or dispensary owner, you know that brand loyalty and trust are gold. If your new and existing customers love & trust your dispensary/brand they will be lifelong loyal customers that will help grow your bottom line.

So exactly how does adding blog content to your dispensary SEO marketing build loyalty and trust?

Regularly publishing professionally written, SEO-optimized blogs on your site, that provide reliable information about cannabis products, and answers the questions that your target market is asking about cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, etc., will help your dispensary build & establish authority on all things cannabis.

Here’s a dispensary SEO insider tip that you may not know about regarding the content you publish on your website and how it helps to improve your domain authority, service engine rankings, and website traffic.

An invaluable tool for dispensary SEO agencies to improve content on dispensary websites is the E-A-T concept in search marketing. This stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

As a retail cannabis store or online mail-order weed dispensary, it’s super important to be both trustworthy as well as knowledgeable about all things cannabis so that the content on your website (and your brand reputation) can convince shoppers you are a trusted dispensary.

Topics should include product/strain reviews for flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and other products you sell at your dispensary. Other topics should answer questions that your customers are asking about cannabis. 

This info can be found by researching on Reddit and by using paid keyword research tools that show you the exact questions weed smokers are typing into Google.

So why is this so vital for cannabis dispensaries? Google has said that E-A-T is essential to its search algorithm and how it analyzes and recognizes content on dispensary websites in order to rank that content for relevant search queries.

Essentially, this simply means that to be competitive in search results for popular search terms, your website content needs accurate, informative, and helpful information throughout the content and site, that is SEO optimized so that Google can see it, read it, and index it.

If you’re not getting the organic traffic you need to meet your goals, you should seriously consider adding professional blog content with SEO copywriting to your dispensary SEO marketing plans.

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2. Regularly Publishing SEO Optimized Blog Content Increases Online Visibility

Publishing ‘professionally written’ blog content on your website on a regular basis is one thing. 

Publishing professionally written & SEO-optimized blog content on your site that actually ranks in search results and is continually bringing traffic to your site is a whole other thing.

If the blogs you’re publishing aren’t ranking and aren’t driving any ‘free’ traffic from organic search results for “buy weed” related phrases, what good is it? What ROI do you get, if any? Does anyone even see the content let alone click on it or share it with friends?

This brings us to the next step in creating high-quality content for your cannabis SEO marketing which is to make sure your website blog content is search engine optimized/search engine optimized. 

SEO Marketing Tips For Copywriters

As mentioned earlier, blog content that answers the questions your target customers are asking about buying weed near them and other cannabis-related questions is helpful for dispensary SEO marketing.

If you have someone doing your cannabis copywriting, be sure to clearly instruct them to incorporate popular, purchase intent, cannabis-related keywords throughout the content or blog article.

You should also instruct your cannabis copywriters to use captivating and unique titles, headings and subheadings and to ensure the content is very well-researched and unique. 

This type of content marketing, if used strategically, is an effective way to help increase your dispensary website’s online visibility and to help you reach your cannabis SEO marketing goals.

Tips For Your Dispensary SEO Expert

If you’ve outsourced your dispensary SEO marketing to a dispensary SEO expert or marijuana SEO agency, they are likely doing all of the above (and below) for you as part of their SEO strategy.

However, if you’re trying to do this DIY or asking your copywriters to “SEO” their content, be sure to use these tips. They may seem like “little things” but remember that SEO is all about the “little things”.

Your cannabis copywriters should be instructed to add 2-3 internal links from the content they are writing to existing relevant blog content already published on your website. 

Adding internal links to your blog content is another effective cannabis SEO marketing tactic to increase your site’s visibility in organic search.

Internal links and other link building are a great way to help build brand visibility, awareness and authority for your dispensary website. 

This dispensary SEO marketing tactic can be used throughout your site including pages as well as blogs or product descriptions so that there are always opportunities for potential customers who may have landed on one page via search engine results to be able to get to other pages/products on your site that are relevant to them.

Adding relevant copyright-free images to your website blog content is another excellent tactic to enhance your dispensary’s content and visibility. We’ll get into that more below.

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3. Cannabis Blogging Creates Brand Awareness For Your Dispensary

The content your cannabis copywriters create & publish on your dispensary website should always be unique, original, new, & exclusive to your website to ensure that your cannabis brand & dispensary stands out from other weed stores.

When your target customers are on Google looking for answers to their questions or want to learn something more about a strain, a product category, etc., your dispensary is at the top of search results and giving them the information they need.

Simply put, the more you invest in an SEO-optimized cannabis blog content marketing strategy, the more potential you have to grow your dispensary’s brand awareness not only for organic search but also via sharing your blog content through your social media channels.

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4. Dispensary SEO Marketing With Blog Content Can Generate New Customers

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily connect with your audience – this is it!

As long as customers are digging your content they will likely want more because they find it relevant, useful and/or find some value. You (or our team) can grow your business by creating more engaging content.

Engaging content is the best way to grow your email subscriber list too. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how valuable and lucrative a large email list can be for your dispensary.

We prefer this “pull” method to capture email addresses as it’s much less in your face than the “push” tactic like a pop-up that prompts them to sign up for an email listing to get a coupon.

While pop-ups with coupon codes can be a great tactic for email sign-ups, blog content can help build a connection with potential customers before asking for their information.

If they choose to read through the informational & educational blog content on your site, they already like your content and want to learn more. There’s more of a relationship with your dispensary through this unique, helpful content.

You can then incorporate the subscription opt-in pop-up at the end of the blog or when they scroll, so they can quickly enter their information and keep reading.


5. Blogging Drives Engagement

One of the goals for most cannabis retail stores and online dispensaries is to continue building relationships with new and existing customers. This is the key to growing your business.

It’s important to understand that blogs should not be content that just sits on your website collecting dust. 

If you are writing content that is valuable and educational for your customers and website visitors, you’re providing shareable content for your customers to share with others across social media.

This helps your dispensary SEO marketing, boosts search engine rankings and domain authority because your site will “gain points” with Google when your content is shared on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Blog content is also a great way to educate new and existing cannabis customers on popular new product categories like concentrates, edibles, and beverages. Providing weed strain reviews, strain tips or how-tos will create more connections with your dispensary.

Finally, relevant blog content engages cannabis customers with topics they are already interested in or want to learn about, and this creates more excitement for engagement.

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Should You Add Blog Content To Your Dispensary SEO Marketing

Yes, but please understand that Blog content marketing is directly tied to SEO.

It should not be viewed as a stand-alone tactic because blog content is only valuable to your dispensary if it’s search engine friendly, SEO-optimized, and is driving traffic from organic search.

Dispensary SEO and cannabis SEO marketing are how you achieve this value and blog content marketing is an essential tactic for any SEO strategy.

Both SEO & blog content marketing are evolving. At the centre of an effective blog strategy is SEO best practices.

It’s important for you as a dispensary owner to evaluate your cannabis SEO marketing strategy as SEO develops as a dispensary marketing tactic to make sure that your cannabis content and overall dispensary website have the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness that search engines require.

This is how you get the edge over your competition in this highly competitive market. Dispensary SEO marketing is how you increase your search engine rankings, website traffic, and online revenue.

Even with all the changes in digital marketing strategy, blogs will always remain a pillar for cannabis SEO marketing & dispensary SEO strategy.

Blog content marketing is a great way to not only grow your email list but also grow your dispensary’s brand awareness. 

If you take the time and invest in understanding simple dispensary SEO tactics as well as reaching out with content that will resonate best for your audience then there’s no doubt success awaits!

If you’d prefer to have our agency handle this all for you, please email us to request a quote or call us for a free 30-minute phone consultation.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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