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Top 6 Reasons Why We Want To Be Your CBD Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional CBD marketing agency to help you grow your new or existing CBD business, you already know it can be a challenge to find the right partner. 

When you throw in the opportunity for CBD advertising – via Google search/PPC, programmatic display advertising, or native/sponsored content advertising, you know that in addition to the right CBD marketing agency, you also need a decent monthly marketing budget.

When it comes to marketing CBD effectively, business owners will need to choose a marketing company that understands CBD marketing strategy and which digital marketing services will be best suited to reach your goals and your limited budget.

So, in the article, we want to help you choose the best CBD marketing agency for your needs by outlining exactly why we want to be your CBD marketing company and how we will help you achieve your short and long term sales goals.

Here are the top 6 reasons why ColaDigital.ca is the ideal CBD marketing agency to help you grow your business.

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1. Our CBD SEO Experts Have Decades of Search Marketing Experience

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential part of any CBD marketing strategy because 95% of your potential customers will start with a Google search if they want CBD information, education, or to purchase CBD products.

Therefore, your CBD business needs to be highly visible in search engines for CBD related terms (i.e. CBD keywords) in order to drive this high-qualified traffic (i.e. potential customers) to your website.

In order to be highly visible in search engines for CBD related terms, your website needs a strategic CBD SEO, keyword, and content marketing strategy implemented on your website, with blog content on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and ongoing SEO/keyword updates each month. 

It’s important to note here that SEO is not a one-and-done type of tactic. It’s an ongoing CBD digital marketing strategy that requires technical SEO, a CBD keyword strategy, and regular publishing of high-quality CBD blog content in order to be effective and lucrative.

SEO is a long term tactic that can take 6-12 months to see significant ROI, however, significant results can be achieved in the first 3 months of a comprehensive CBD SEO strategy. 

For an example, please see this CBD SEO case study or this cannabis retail dispensary case study.

Our SEO team has been implementing SEO strategy on CBD websites in the USA, UK, EU, and Canada, since 2017. I personally have been doing SEO since 2004. 

As biased as this may sound, I’d highly caution you from hiring a CBD SEO expert based on pricing/fees because I guarantee you will get what you pay for. Fees are a factor for sure, but real life CBD marketing & SEO experience is a major factor.

Regardless if it’s our CBD marketing agency or one of our many competitors, you should choose a team that has CBD marketing experience and CBD SEO experience. 

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2. CBD Copywriting & SEO Optimized Blog Content is Our Jam

As a full service boutique CBD marketing agency, part of our CBD SEO marketing strategy includes professional CBD copywriting for websites, blog content, and customized product descriptions.

(i) CBD Website Copywriting

We have a team of CBD copywriting experts who are also experienced SEO copywriters that understand that copywriting and SEO go hand in hand.

You can hire any experienced freelancer to write content for your CBD website, or you can hire a CBD marketing agency with content writers who use SEO copywriting tactics to craft your CBD content.

The best way to find out if your current CBD content is working for you is to simply check your site’s Google Analytics data to see how much traffic your CBD blog content is generating from organic search.

If you’re getting a lot of traffic from organic search to your CBD website and its blog content, in particular, congratulations – you’re doing super well!

You can also use an SEO tool to track your CBD keyword rankings and see where your blog content ranks on Google search and compare that to where your competitors rank for the same terms/keywords.

If you find out your rankings are lower than your competitors and you’re not generating a lot of organic traffic to your site, this would indicate that your CBD content writers are not generating the traffic that you need.

This is where our CBD marketing agency can help.

We report every 14 days on your website’s visibility, average position in search, and estimated traffic to your website as compared to 4 of your top competitors.

This valuable data allows us to see how well the SEO strategy is working as well as what we need to do to improve on your SEO strategy in order to outrank your competitors. It’s a beautiful thing!

If your CBD marketing company is not providing this type of data, guidance, and experience, we promise we will – every 14 days!

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(ii) Customized CBD Product Descriptions

Have you noticed that many CBD websites have very limited content on their product description pages? How many words do you have on your CBD product pages?

If your CBD marketing agency didn’t write customized and SEO optimized product descriptions for each of your products, you really can’t expect your product pages to rank in organic search.

And, if you can’t get your product pages to rank in organic search, you’re certainly missing out on free organic traffic to your site and potentially online sales.

Our CBD marketing process highly recommends customized, SEO optimized product descriptions of at least a minimum 750 words per page. This can include a description as well as a few product specific FAQ’s.

We also recommend using at least a minimum of 3 if not 5+ images for each product. Reason being, the additional images allow for additional SEO opportunities to optimize the images al attribute, title, attribute, and image description.

This may sound trivial until you realize that website visitors do not see this information – BUT – Google search engine spiders do! So when Google crawls your site, they read more relevant information about CBD which helps build the relevance and authority of your domain/website!

If your product description pages have lots of content (text and images) they are better optimized and therefore have a better chance of ranking on organic search results for relevant terms/keywords.

This is a fantastic tactic to improve your SEO and drive more highly qualified traffic (potential CBD customers) to your website.

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3. We’ve Been Advertising CBD Online Since 2017

Due to the highly competitive nature of CBD as an industry and product, and SEO as a marketing tactic, CBD advertising becomes another essential tactic for every CBD marketing agency.

Believe it or not, some media platforms allow CBD marketing agencies to advertise all types of hemp-derived CBD products, with no restrictions (other than FDA regulations) using programmatic display/banner advertising.

(i) Programmatic Display/Banner Advertising

We have been running programmatic display advertising and retargeting campaigns for a few years for many of our clients as it’s a great way for new CBD companies to create brand awareness and develop brand & product trust.

(ii) Sponsor Content Advertising

A similar CBD advertising tactic that we use for CBD companies to drive top-of-the-funnel traffic to their site is sponsored content advertising.

This type of advertising for CBD products works very well to help promote and amplify the blog content you may be publishing on your website, which in turn will help your CBD SEO strategy.

Sponsored content ads will appear on the same popular website that our display ads show up on, but they are at the bottom of articles in the sponsored content section and when clicked, they take the user to a specific blog article on your site.

(iii) Google Search Advertising

When it comes to using Google search ads for CBD, we have many years of experience with running approved CBD campaigns for clients in the USA, UK, and EU, and I’m sure we can do the same for your business.

We’re also a Google Ads certified and Google Analytics certified CBD marketing agency.

For an example of our work with managing Google search ads for CBD products, see this case study for CBD advertising on Google and this one for cannabis advertising on Google.

When it comes to your marketing strategy, CBD advertising will help to get you results faster than a CBD SEO strategy will, but it will cost more because media fees are expensive. 

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4. We’re Obsessed CBD Data Scientists

The best part of using digital marketing for your business is the treasure trove of data we’re able to collect on all your website visitors and how they interact/engage (or don’t interact/engage) with your website and products in your store.

Our CBD marketing agency has always used a data-driven approach to marketing CBD products because while we have a wealth of experience with marketing CBD, the data is able to guide us on how & where to optimize our strategy.

Since we’ve been an official CBD marketing, advertising, and SEO agency since 2017, we have several years of experience with not only marketing and selling CBD, but also what potential CBD customers want, look for, and demand when it comes to CBD products and the companies they buy from.

This experience will be super helpful for your CBD business because we’re never starting at ground zero. 

Even if your website is brand new, with no sales, no traffic, and no data, we have the experience to craft a campaign to create awareness, generate traffic, collect data, and then analyse the data in the first 30-days in order to optimize for the next 30-days.

At our CBD marketing agency, our entire team is certified as Google Analytics professionals so you can be confident that we can read and understand the data to be able to optimize each campaign. 

Also, as mentioned above, we report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each client every 14-days so you’ll always be up to speed on where we’re at with your campaign.

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5. We Can Design & Develop Your Website

For new CBD companies who are just getting started, a CBD marketing company may not be top of mind just yet as you still need to build a website. But did you know that we’re a CBD marketing company that also designs & develops websites?

The advantage of having a full-service CBD marketing agency is that we can not only design & develop your CBD website, but we can also write all the content required for your website launch. 

In addition, our CBD SEO team will implement a comprehensive SEO & keyword strategy on the website while it’s in development.

This way, when you launch your website live, it’s already optimized for search engines with a customized CBD SEO strategy and is Google (and mobile) friendly.

Another advantage is our CBD marketing agency can develop the initial content strategy by writing and publishing high-quality SEO optimized CBD blog content that answers all the questions your target audience is asking (i.e. typing into search engines) about CBD.

Our process for CBD website design is to take a mobile-first approach to the development as over 60% of your traffic will come from mobile devices.

We design CBD website mockups for mobile and desktop for your review and approval using your existing logo & brand guidelines. Once each set of mockups are approved, we begin development and implement the site’s functionality.

Once the development and functionality are completed, you’re able to review the live website on our development servers, test the functionality, and provide feedback and edits.

We then tweak the site accordingly and once you approve it as final, we launch it on your live server and perform quality assurance checks for ecommerce, contact forms, and other site functionality.

Once you’re at this stage it’s time for a CBD marketing agency to help you drive traffic to your website to implement strategic CBD marketing tactics that begin to create awareness and trust before you’re able to sell your CBD products online.

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6. We’ll Manage Your Lead Generation & CBD Email Marketing Strategy

Once you or your CBD marketing firm starts to increase traffic to your website, you need to start thinking about optimizing your website for lead generation, i.e. email capture.

You do need a strategy for effective lead generation for CBD as well as a separate strategy to nurture those leads with an informative (i.e. valuable) CBD email newsletter.

For example, think about what you can populate each newsletter or automated drip campaign with that would provide significant value to the reader – your potential customer.

Email newsletters and drip campaigns for CBD marketing should be used when targeting the middle of the funnel – people in the evaluation stage – in order to build trust and pull these targets through to the bottom of the funnel where they purchase from you.

Your newsletters should be used to build brand/product trust & to drive people back to your website so they can build further trust to make a purchase, or so they can complete the purchase they almost made the last time they visited.

In addition to targeting the middle of the funnel with email newsletters, at our CBD marketing agency, we like to use email marketing at all stages of the funnel.

For example, when new customers come to your website and are ready to give you their email address, email marketing can help you build trust and pull them through the funnel with educational content, CBD news, and compelling offers.

This will take time but it’s much less expensive than advertising to new people all the time who may not have been to your site before and have little awareness of your brand and products.

Another example, which many CBD marketing agencies would consider a must, is to use email marketing when targeting the bottom of the funnel to nurture existing customers and get them back to your website to re-order or purchase a new product.

CBD email marketing to existing customers also helps to promote word of mouth advertising as many people who have tried your CBD and found that it helped them will most certainly forward your email newsletters to their friends and family.

Finally, email newsletters help you promote and amplify the blog content you may be publishing on your website. If you’re already “doing SEO” and have blogs on your site, don’t let them just sit there! 

Instead, promote your high-quality CBD blog content via email newsletters as well as social media and sponsored content ads to get the most of your CBD content marketing strategy and to help improve your CBD SEO strategy and search engine rankings.


We Can Be Your CBD Marketing Agency

If all of the above sounds like something you could use to grow your CBD business, we can help you with everything mentioned in this article and on this website.

We have almost 20 years of digital marketing experience, including decades of SEO and digital advertising experience. 

We’ve been working with cannabis and CBD exclusively as a marketing agency since 2017.

We understand the business, the product, and the end consumer.

Please reach out and email us to request a quote or call us for a free 30-minute consultation.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

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