Twitter’s Green Light: A Guide to Social Media Cannabis Advertising in Canada & USA

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Twitter’s New Polices on Cannabis Advertising in Canada & USA: Social Media Ads Now Allowed!

Cannabis advertising in Canada for retail pot shops and online dispensaries has always been a challenge but recent changes with Meta/Facebook, Google, and now Twitter have made your cannabis marketing “a little easier”.

Can cannabis be advertised on social media and other digital channels like Google and Bing search engines or on popular websites? 

Yes, cannabis advertising in Canada has been possible, we’ve been doing it since 2017, and calling it a challenge does not express how much of a time-suck campaign approval can be sometimes!

The same goes for cannabis advertising in the USA and US digital channels. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the updates on Twitter’s cannabis advertising policy and bring you up to speed on how to advertise weed on Google and Meta/Facebook based on each platform’s recent updates to CBD/hemp advertising.

Read on to learn more about how to maximize your cannabis marketing with advertising on social media platforms like Twitter, Meta, and Facebook, as well as search engines like Google.

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Can Cannabis Be Advertised on Social Media?

While it has been possible to advertise weed on Google search, Bing search, and with display ads on popular websites, canna-businesses and retail dispensaries have long struggled with advertising restrictions on social media platforms. 

This has made it challenging for cannabis business owners to promote their products and reach their target audience. 

However, in recent years for some platforms, and in recent weeks, for one other social media platform), these restrictions have been easing, providing a much-needed boost to the industry. 

So, can cannabis be advertised on social media? The short answer is YES! 

Cannabis advertising on social media platforms in Canada and the USA is now possible, but as usual, there are restrictions as reported by 

Regardless, it is now possible to legally advertise cannabis on social media in both the USA and Canada! This includes both THC & CBD products.

Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms, recently announced a change in its advertising policy that permits cannabis advertising on its social media platform. 

Additionally, Google has eased restrictions on CBD and hemp advertising (to some US states only, for now), while Facebook has also updated its dvertising policy regarding hemp topical products. 

These policy changes could have a significant impact on your cannabis marketing as well as the growth of your cannabis retail store or online weed dispensary, and the cannabis industry as a whole.

At the very least, the updates on cannabis advertising on social media will provide new opportunities for weed dispensaries, licenced producers, and other cannabis businesses to reach their customers much more effectively and with precision targeting.

In this article, we will discuss Twitter’s new policy change permitting cannabis advertising on its platform, Google’s recent eased restrictions on CBD and Hemp advertising, and Meta & Facebook’s advertising policy regarding hemp topical products.

Let’s start with Twitter and how to advertise weed on this social media platform specifically.

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Cannabis Advertising on Twitter: The Platform’s New Policy

On January 26th, 2022, Twitter announced that it would allow cannabis-related advertising on its platform, with some limitations. It was already possible for licensed cannabis companies in Canada to advertise on Twitter. 

The new policy permits cannabis businesses to promote products and services in states or countries where it is legal.

Cannabis dispensaries and other related businesses can also advertise educational content related to the industry, such as job openings and news (blog) articles. 

However, ads for illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia are still prohibited.

According to Twitter, the change in cannabis advertising in Canada and the USA was made to align with the evolving legal and regulatory landscape around cannabis. 

Twitter now allows cannabis brands to advertise in states & provinces where cannabis is legal for recreational or medicinal purposes.

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How To Advertise Weed on Twitter in the USA & Canada

To advertise on Twitter, cannabis businesses must go through a certification process to ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 

The certification process involves providing information about the business and its products and agreeing to Twitter’s advertising policies.

Twitter’s policy change is a significant step forward for the cannabis industry in North America, as social media platforms have historically been hesitant to allow cannabis-related content. 

This change could provide new opportunities for online dispensaries, weed delivery services, and retail cannabis stores to reach potential customers and promote cannabis products as well as their dispensary location or website address.

Cannabis Marketing on Twitter: What Can We Advertise and What Can We Not?

As is typical, there are some restrictions to Twitter’s new policy of cannabis advertising in Canada as well as the United States. 

The new cannabis advertising policy on Twitter says that canna companies & retail dispensaries will be subject to the following restrictions and conditions in order to advertise weed on the social media platform:

  • Cannabis companies must be licensed by the appropriate authorities and pre-authorized by Twitter.
  • Cannabis advertisers may only target jurisdictions in which they are licensed to promote these products or services online.
  • Your cannabis ads may not promote or offer the sale of Cannabis (including CBD– cannabinoids). 
    • Exception: Ads for topical (non-ingestible) hemp-derived CBD topical products containing equal to or less than the 0.3% THC government-set threshold.
  • Each cannabis advertiser is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and advertising guidelines.

What Can You NOT Do With Cannabis Advertising on Twitter?

As to be expected, cannabis advertising in Canada can not be super easy. 

The following are a few cannabis advertising restrictions that you should be aware of before starting to advertise weed on Twitter.

  • Advertisers may not target customers under the age of 21 in the USA and 19 in Canada. 
    • It’s important to note that Twitter’s new cannabis advertising guidelines make clear that it would not allow advertising directed toward minors.
  • Canna ads must not appeal to minors in the creative, landing pages must be age-gated and sales must be age verified.
  • The weed ads may not use characters, sports personalities, celebrities, or images/icons appealing to minors.
  • Your creative may not use minors or pregnant women as models in advertising.
  • The copy in your cannabis advertising should not make false/misleading claims or claims of efficacy or health benefits.
  • There can be no depiction of cannabis product use in any of your creative and copywriting.
  • Cannabis ads on Twitter may not depict people using or under the influence.
  • Your canna ads may not encourage transport across state lines.

Other than that you’re good to go! And we can help you.

If the above seems too much to deal with, don’t fret. We’ve done this many times and can certainly help you with the complete management of your cannabis advertising in Canada or the USA. Please contact me to discuss.

Now let’s check out how Google’s new cannabis advertising policies can help you optimize your cannabis marketing.


Google’s Eased Restrictions on CBD & Hemp Advertising

Google has also recently updated its advertising policies regarding CBD and hemp products. 

In 2019, Google allowed ads for topical hemp and CBD products, but only in Canada & the United States and for ads that did not feature claims about the medical/health benefits of CBD.

In December 2021, Google announced that it would ease its restrictions on CBD and hemp advertising. 

The new policy permits ads for topical hemp and CBD products globally, including ads that make claims about the products’ medical benefits. 

Before this update, Google only allowed CBD and Hemp ads in limited circumstances, such as ads for informational websites or ads that did not mention the product’s name. 

The company has now lifted these restrictions, making it easier for CBD and Hemp businesses to advertise their products on Google.

However, it’s worth noting that CBD and Hemp businesses still face significant restrictions on Google’s advertising platform. 

For instance, businesses cannot advertise ingestible CBD products, such as oils or capsules, on the platform. 

Moreover, businesses must adhere to the state and federal laws governing CBD and Hemp advertising, which can be complex and varied.

However, Google still does not allow ads for ingestible CBD or hemp products. But, even though their policy says this, we have been advertising CBD/hemp products on Google since 2018. Check out our cannabis marketing case studies.

To advertise topical hemp and CBD products on Google, businesses must be certified by Google and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 

The certification process involves providing information about the business and its products and agreeing to Google’s advertising policies.

By following Google’s new policy, cannabis advertising in Canada (and the USA) has become easier and less of a challenge, albeit still restrictive.

I can help you navigate these cannabis advertising policies or provide complete strategy & management for your cannabis marketing campaign. Contact me to set up a call.

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Facebook and Meta’s Advertising Policy for Hemp Topical Products

Facebook and its parent company, Meta, also recently updated their advertising policies regarding hemp topical products. 

While Meta does not allow the advertising of marijuana or THC products on its platforms, it does permit the promotion of topical hemp products, such as creams and balms.

In December 2021, the companies announced that they would allow ads for hemp topical products on their platforms, with some limitations.

Ads for hemp topical products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and they cannot make medical claims about the products. 

Additionally, ads cannot target individuals under the age of 18, and they must not contain content that promotes smoking or vaping.

Just like Twitter and Google discussed above, to advertise hemp topical products on Facebook or Meta, businesses must go through a certification process to ensure that they comply with the companies’ advertising policies. 

The certification process involves providing information about the business and its products and agreeing to Facebook and Meta’s advertising policies.

The policy change by Facebook and Meta is significant for the CBD/hemp industry in both Canada and the USA, as it provides new opportunities for cannabis businesses to reach more potential customers. 

Facebook’s previous advertising policies did not allow ads for hemp products, which made it challenging for businesses in the industry to promote their products.

Despite these restrictions, advertising hemp topical products on Meta can be a lucrative opportunity for businesses in the cannabis industry. 

With over 3 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, the potential reach of advertising on Meta’s platforms is significant. 

However, businesses must be mindful of the restrictions and guidelines governing hemp advertising to avoid their accounts being suspended or banned.

We’re working with a handful of CBD companies in the USA and Canada to create the infrastructure required to successfully run topical CBD/hemp ads on Meta/Facebook while complying with all of their policies and CBD advertising restrictions.

If you’re interested in launching a successful CBD advertising campaign on Facebook, please contact me to schedule a call. I’d be happy to walk you through the process and expectations.

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How Do Updated Cannabis Advertising Policies Impact Your Cannabis Business?

The policy changes by Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Meta could have a significant impact on the cannabis industry as a whole and on your canna-business directly. 

As discussed above, these cannabis marketing changes provide new opportunities for cannabis advertising in Canada and allow relevant businesses to reach potential customers with targeted advertising.

However, businesses in the cannabis industry must still comply with all applicable laws and regulations, which vary by state and province. 

Additionally, advertising policies on social media platforms can change at any time, so businesses must stay up to date on the latest policies and regulations.

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We Can Help You With Cannabis Advertising in Canada or USA!

Cannabis advertising in Canada and USA is rapidly evolving, and the easing of advertising restrictions on social media platforms is a significant development for businesses in this sector.

Even though advertising cannabis is now an option, we still highly recommend using SEO & blog content marketing as your main marketing tactic, and using cannabis advertising as a strategic tactic to promote new products, new categories, new delivery services, and whenever you need to increase revenue.

If you’re interested in trying & testing a paid cannabis advertising strategy on Twitter for your business, please contact me for a free consultation.

We’re ready to help you grow!


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